Visiting the Eiffel Tower

Bonjour mes amis!

That’s right – I’ve returned…again!  About time, right?!

Today, I bring to you my various adventures at, where else, the Eiffel Tower!  I was fortunate enough to visit this amazing architectural landmark twice, and one of our group visits took us over a bridge very near to the Tower with a great view of it.  On my last trip to the Tower, I was able to knock off #10 from my list of things to do in Paris – go up to the top of the Eiffel Tower!!


A shot of the Eiffel Tower as we cross the bridge over to Musee Quai Branly for one of our group visits..


Here’s another imperfect shot of yours truly, this time battling with my skirt in the wind!  It’s okay though… because it was in Paris! 🙂

The first visit I had was a really fantastic evening outing with my three main FPPCM gals.  It wasn’t a super long night, but it was really a memorable experience.  We bought a cheap bottle of champagne, left just after dark, and arrived about fifteen minutes before the Tower’s famous strobe-lights go off on the hour (which is primarily what we went to see).  It was really just a lovely, chilled evening with great company and really something to behold as we watched the lights go off.  I’m pleased to say that some of the film shots I took of this night also turned out, as I really didn’t have a lot of hope that they would given the crazy long exposure times, shaky hands, booze, and no tripod!  (Not to mention, an unfamiliar camera!)

Here are some of the shots from that night!

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Une journée à Versailles!

Killing two birds with one stone (#12 and #18 on my list of things to do in Paris), I’m writing this at the end of our picnic day at Versailles.  By the time it reaches you, the lovely reader, it will likely be a few days later as I don’t want to ruin an amazingly fantastic, unreal day with hotel internet frustrations! 🙂

Every year that this blissful trip happens, our wonderful course coordinator (the same lovely dude that arranged for us to see the opera) also tries to do a pique-nique at Versailles.  The lucky people that we are, we had our picque-nique – and our 24C weather too!!  Now, as an island girl, you can only imagine how happy I was!! Of course, everyone else wanted to sit in the shade, so we did for the picnic.  After that, it was almost three full hours in the glorious, hot sunshine pour moi!  I walked around the entire Grand Canal (the giant water cross thing) in something ridiculous like under an hour and a quarter, as we were meant to meet at 4:30 and I didn’t have a watch/device with the correct time! (Duh…)


A very varied feast including roast chicken and potatoes, strawberries, grapes, cherries, bananas, and of course beaucoup de vin, des baguettes, de fromage, des chocolats and other yummy desserts!

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