Response to “The Sexodus, Part One”

Hello all,

It has been an even longer while since my last blurb and for that I apologise.  I wasn’t planning this at all, but a friend of mine recently posted a link on Facebook to this article.  It addresses the trend of men’s from society as they “give up” on women, unsure as to what their roles are in society and due to changing female roles.

I had no idea I felt so strongly about some of these statements until I began writing a comment/response on the article’s page and found that I had suddenly written a short essay.  I have become increasingly intrigued with the social expectations, standards and relationships among people, but especially between men and women , to the point where I will most likely be producing a thesis that allows me to explore some of these themes, particularly as they related to the world of online or digital dating.

So, without further ado, I present to you my response to and thoughts on this article.  These ideas are solely my own, influenced by conversations among friends and the bits and bobs I have learned over the years of my life.  They are in no way conclusions of legitimate research, merely my take on the understanding of the situation and how some personal experiences have influenced me.  I openly welcome comments and responses as I am very curious to hear what others have to say on the topic.


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