Beaucoup des pâtisseries….and more delicious food!

Bonjour, bonjour! Ca fait trop longtemps!

As I hope anyone reading this by now knows, I recently had the most unbelievable experiences in Paris earlier this year in May and have been attempting (and sadly failing…) to document specific experiences via this blog.  It is my first attempt and summer was a busy time, but now that I’m back in school and got a rhythm the upkeep of this beauty should become easier and more punctual. 🙂

As I hope you all also know by now, I had a list of things I wanted to do while in Paris.  Being the insane foodaholic that I am, one of them was manger beaucoup des pâtisseries! For anyone who doesn’t know what that means…it means eat lots of delicious baked goods and pastries!  My absolute weakness is always dessert or any baked good of any sort – I had many une quiche délicieuse and way, way, way too many baguettes….if that is in fact possible…I’m still trying to decide!

So allow me to (attempt to) share with your the variety of deliciousness that I experienced.  For the sake of being efficient, I will start with my “goal” photos – the pastries! – however as the post progresses you will see non-pastry related deliciousness that I felt absolutely had to be shared, regardless of its non-pâtisserie status.  Unfortunately, many of the pastry-family foods I devoured were devoured in my hotel bed late at night and I don’t consider the images of them clear enough to put up here…I will say that raspberry financiers became one of my absolute favourites and that I (surprisingly) did not like canele!

Now, feast your eyes…unfortunately not our stomachs! 😦

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