Visiting the Eiffel Tower

Bonjour mes amis!

That’s right – I’ve returned…again!  About time, right?!

Today, I bring to you my various adventures at, where else, the Eiffel Tower!  I was fortunate enough to visit this amazing architectural landmark twice, and one of our group visits took us over a bridge very near to the Tower with a great view of it.  On my last trip to the Tower, I was able to knock off #10 from my list of things to do in Paris – go up to the top of the Eiffel Tower!!


A shot of the Eiffel Tower as we cross the bridge over to Musee Quai Branly for one of our group visits..


Here’s another imperfect shot of yours truly, this time battling with my skirt in the wind!  It’s okay though… because it was in Paris! 🙂

The first visit I had was a really fantastic evening outing with my three main FPPCM gals.  It wasn’t a super long night, but it was really a memorable experience.  We bought a cheap bottle of champagne, left just after dark, and arrived about fifteen minutes before the Tower’s famous strobe-lights go off on the hour (which is primarily what we went to see).  It was really just a lovely, chilled evening with great company and really something to behold as we watched the lights go off.  I’m pleased to say that some of the film shots I took of this night also turned out, as I really didn’t have a lot of hope that they would given the crazy long exposure times, shaky hands, booze, and no tripod!  (Not to mention, an unfamiliar camera!)

Here are some of the shots from that night!


A rather cliche shot…


Reflections on the pond..


Some artistic shots of the Tower’s base..




FILM SHOT!  Yeah, yeah…I’m not saying it’s perfect, but for a newbie with 35mm and a still fairly unfamiliar camera, I’ll take it!


Last but not least from that night, a polaroid of myself and two of my FPPCM friends (which I just frantically went searching for, thinking I’d lost it…only to remember it had already made its way onto my fridge!)

The second visit I had was actually a very spontaneous decision made over one of our last breakfasts.  Two other girls in the group had mentioned they were leaving right after breakfast to go, so I immediately abandoned whatever other plans I had made to have the chance to go with some people (I figured…photo ops would be better if there were multiple people to take photos of each other rather than asking strangers!).  As it happens, having three of us worked exceedingly well for the lineups!  We started off in this insanely long line, but spotted shorter lines…so one of us held our current, terrible spot in line, while the other two of us went ahead to find out that the shorter line was actually where we wantd to be.  (If you ever plan on going, definitely go with at least two of you so you can use this strategy!!  They have different lines for different payment methods, and the long line I believe was for those wanting to walk up to the middle level – we wanted to go to the top…and were also too lazy to do stairs! haha)

Considering it is the Eiffel Tower we’re talking about, we had our tickets and were soon in the even shorter line to go inside the elevator up to the middle level.   Because the top was so full, we had to queue in another line and buy the second ticket to get to the top while we waited at the middle level – safety procedures have a maximum cap on the number of people at the top at any given point in time, so we had to wait for a certain number of people to come down before going up.


A shot looking through the window as we whoosh up in the elevator…the only one out of four images from the elevator that wasn’t blurry!  (FYI Looking through a viewfinder while whooshing up will not make your fear of heights anxiety any better!)

This mini pit-stop was okay though as we were able to use the washrooms and snap a few shots while waiting from the middle level.  I will say, for anyone fearful of heights…the elevators were a little scary for me!  They are super-speedy elevators and I think being crammed in like sardines didn’t help as I’m somewhat claustrophobic…but it was definitely worth it!  Surprisingly, the height wasn’t as scary once you reach the tippy top because you’re just so focused on the spectacular view you’re faced with.

So enough of the blabber…here’s some shots from my visit to the top!!  (All black and white photos are 35mm film, the colour are all digital.)


A view of the Trocadero from the top!


I didn’t use one of these for fear of how it would affect the heights-fright (and also because I wasn’t patient enough to wait for a turn!), but aren’t they pretty?!


Trocadero again…so big!!



(Very distant..) View of Sacre Coeur and Montmartre.


A photograph taken of me (film) while at the tippy top.


These types of aerial shots showed up a lot on post cards throughout the city.

At the end of our trip up, we walked past the huge Roland Garros tennis tournament that was happening and snapped these two shots.  As you see, the Eiffel Tower was celebrating the tournament with a huge tennis ball hanging from the inside of the Tower and dangling down!



 Merci beacoup for reading and I’ll be back again soon!!


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    • Thanks chic! I think so too – I had the biggest craving earlier this week for one of those chicken flatbread things that we shared on the train! Missing our hangouts 😦

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