Food Adventures in Paris!

Why, hello there!

If you are new to my blog – welcome!  If you are returning – welcome back! 🙂

Firstly, apologies for it being so long since my last post!  For those of you who don’t know, I recently spent three amazing weeks in Paris for a school-related course and it was this trip, in fact, that prompted me to (finally!) create a blog, this very one that you are reading right now.

As a result, my first blog series was (/is!) chronicling my adventures and experiences from that trip.  Unfortunately, due to time constraints between course visits while we were there, the obligatory tourist sight-seeing, our hotel’s very sketchy internet and some technical difficulties with my image processing software, I was unable to stay on top of my Paris updates.

But fear not, I have returned! (Both to my blog and to Toronto!)   Despite being unable to actually publish my posts while I was away, I wrote drafts about each experience  on the days of the respective experiences, so the emotions were still fresh and real.  The upcoming posts that you’ll see will mostly consist of lightly edited versions of those original drafts.  Unfortunately, there will still be some delays as I’m still struggling with my imaging software…and as a photography student, I hate the thought of publishing these posts without photos – especially since I took literally thousands of photos and would like to share a few of my favourites!

And so, in an attempt to get the gears turning again,  I treat you now to my recount of my first time trying escargot and frogs legs, successfully completing number 15 on my list of things to do in Paris, which was to be adventurous and try some French foods.  (It also, surprisingly, was at the start our meal and before a lot of wine was consumed!!)


Saturday, 24th May, 2014

So tonight was our graduation dinner – and  I ATE FROGS LEGS AND ESCARGOT!! So unbelievably proud of myself!!  I even got a pep talk from a classmate/friend before the snails!  The escargot was not planned – the same pep-talk-giving friend ordered them and talked me into it – however I had been talking myself into frogs’ legs for a few days prior to this night so I was somewhat mentally prepared for them.  I had also been to this restaurant twice – and the class/course group has been coming here for years – so I thought it was a pretty safe bet that they’d be decent.


The wonderful Lisa giving me my pep talk.  I will never forget her opening…”Alex, you’re a wild woman! You can do this!”

To be honest, my friend first gave me just the escargot butter on a piece of bread and it was just like garlic bread.  Then she made a sandwich with an escargot – so many people tell me “that’s not really trying it!”.  As far as I’m concerned, it entered my mouth, it was chewed, it was swallowed and digested – so yes, it counts! 🙂  It honestly tasted like garlic bread with a mushroom in it and I was totally fine – until halfway through I stopped chewing and turned to my friends…“guys – there’s a snail in my mouuuuuth!!  Ewwww!!”  I don’t think I could have done it without the bread, and all of my awesome people cheering me on!  They’d only heard me moan about how I had to complete this thing for my blog for the past week!


Unfortunately, most of the photos from this night were not the sharpest (combination of wine, camera passing to various people, and camera malfunctioning!) but here are a few shots of my food escapades on grad night.  First up, the snails in shell. (Eughk!)


Baby steps – snail butter on bread!


And, of course, an unflattering (photo of a) photo of me with the (clearly too big!) “snail sandwich” in my mouth.

Likewise, the frogs’ legs tasted like chicken – which I had been told only a hundred times!  I will admit I was worried about them being weird and chewy, as some have told me, but there were actually super tender and just tasted like more flavourful chicken.  Again, I was fine until I thought, “There’s a frog in my mouth!!”  I will admit, these were much more off-putting to eat as it literally was frogs’ pelvises on our plates!  The snails were in their shells but my awesome friend did the de-shelling process so I didn’t really have to face that aspect of it!


Our plate of frogs’ plevises… Despite them actually tasting quite good, I couldn’t get over the appearance to eat more than one!


Now, as I said, they are quite blurry – but I promise you that is yours truly thinking “WTF am I really doing” right before eating those tiny legs.

All in all, I was really quite proud for trying not just one, but TWO exotic French dishes – and both in the same sitting!  Most of my classmates also know how weird I am about not liking my food to look like whatever animal it is, to the point where even my prof looked at me from across the table and said, “So, Alexandra, how are you doing over there?!”  Thankfully, I survived and lived to tell the tale.

A bientot!


One thought on “Food Adventures in Paris!

  1. adriannekari says:

    You are brave :O! I don’t think I could’ve done it. Thoroughly enjoying the blog and your adventures in Paris. 🙂

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