Notre Dame

Keeping it short and sweet!

This was meant to be included in the previous post with Champs-Elysees and L’Opera however due to technical difficulties/limitations that I’m still learning about (#NewbieBloggerProblems !!)  it’s in it’s own little post.

8. Visit Notre Dame

Oh. My. GOSH! This place is just unbelievable!  Apart from the sheer magnitude of this cathedral, the amount of detail that is incorporated into the building’s architecture is simply phenomenal.  I remember three years ago when I entered my program we had a mandatory art history class in our first year.  I had hardly learned any art history before and the little I had learned was predominantly based on Caribbean art history.  I remember being interested and impressed with the European history we were exposed to, and having seen such ancient architecture in person is really something I can’t describe.  At certain points I felt like quite the nerd, citing the names of various architectural features to myself, thinking, “My art history prof would be so damn proud!”  All of those art history lessons definitely have come to full fruition after having seen such beautiful, ancient architecture at the Notre-Dame, the Pantheon and just throughout the entire city.  Words really can’t describe the overwhelming feeling that this cathedral gave me.

(Also, to any photographer friends, I sincerely apologizes for the crazy  not-so-vertical verticals!  Shot on a point-and-shoot and I won’t have time to do proper edits til I’m back! But they will be uploaded! 🙂 )





Not super flattering..but obviously needed a tourist shot!


 A bientôt!


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