Ironic Confessions of an Island Girl – the Spice Dilemma


Oh the irony!

There are several confessions that I make to people that cause them to turn around and say, “What?! You can’t be from Barbados/from the Caribbean/an island girl!)”

Perhaps one of the most common is this:

 I am not a hot-and-spicy food lover!

Anyone that knows me well enough will tell you that I am a huge foodie – but I can not do spicy!  Unlike what this writing prompt suggests, it has nothing to do with what the fear of tomorrow might bring, I just do not like overly spicy food!

I’m all about herbs and spices for flavour, and I admit there are certain foods that are better with a little bit of a kick, but when I see people dolloping hot sauce on every bite or eating three and four worry-worry peppers per mouthful, I just sit there and think, Surely you can’t even taste the flavour of the food because your tongue is on fire!  And that, to me, is just shameful.

Food should be experienced fully, savoured, and enjoyed and I personally find it impossible to do that if I’m constantly grabbing for a glass of water/mouthful of plain rice/etc. to kill the excruciating fire raging within my mouth.  I just don’t understand how anyone can truly appreciate the full flavour palette of any food if it is being doused in spice.

I love a good curry, and man, oh man, would I kill for a good roti or a Trini doubles, or a flying fish cutter with a ‘lil’ hot sauce – if anyone knows any great places to find any of these in Toronto, let me know ASAP! – but spice, for me at least, need always be in moderation and should be used to enhance not overpower any food or dish.


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